What specialties least attract me & why?

More often than not in medical school, you will be asked 'So what speciality are you interested in'?

But one thing you might never be asked is what specialities you don't like. I find it's a good way of figuring out what you might want to do in the future, ruling out what you don't like helps you decipher what you do like.

Here are some of mine...


I'm not a big fan of psychiatry because it can be quite subjective. I've come across some cases where patients can be quite manipulative & calculated. I also found that when I went into my placement last time, I would come away from the hospital, and my mood would be on the floor. I can feel the mood of those around me, and subsequently, it's not the vibe or the place for me.


Everyone finds this quite surprising, I like treating children, but I'm not a big fan of the child/parent/doctor triangle. It put's me really on edge when parents start getting angry. Although I have met a few nice paediatricians, I found my paediatric rotations tested my ability to stand my ground / scrape some teaching? I didn't find many paediatricians interested, and I didn't find them as friendly as everyone says they are.

General Medicine.

It's quite a claim, from a fourth-year but I generally found hours of ward rounds boring. I find looking through a list of drugs and changing them up boring. You can say I'm a simple mind; I like to see the problem, fix the problem and see the results.

Emergency Medicine

This one may be a surprise because you can get lots of procedural skills done in A&E and I work in A&E as a medical assistant. I love my job as a medical assistant, and I think it's an environment that suits me as it's not repetitive. However, I miss when working in A&E is finding out what happens to patients once they have been admitted. I've never actually been in an acute scenario.

So if you're not sure what specialities you see yourself in in the future, why not think about the areas you don't see yourself in?