28 tidbits that I've learned in med school

1. Wear eye protection, particularly in theatre, things will spurt unexpectedly

2. Be less afraid to tell people what you're not happy complying with, even if it causes them to go off in a huff. 🐻

3. ALWAYS bring spare snacks

4. Compression stockings are useful for long days on your feet.

5. Despite what your timetable says, 9-5 in the hospital isn't always the best use of your time

6. Don't take on too much, if you do... say goodbye to something 👋🏻

7. Not being completely engulfed by medicine can make you feel like an outsider

8. The best doctors are the best communicators, not necessarily the most academic

9. You'll never find a fork in a hospital...🍴

10. 12hr shifts on the ward floors are next level knackering, I think working as an HCA as a medical student can give you a great perspective

11. Using official titles to both staff and patients goes a long way

12. A good exfoliating balm after a long day gets all the hospital grease off your face 😹

13. I think I'll have periods of my life where I'm doing stuff outside of medicine

14. I've experienced' second-year syndrome.' 🥶

15. Studying/seeing so many conditions can make you hyperaware of your own health & the health of those around you

16. The uglier the work/placement shoe, the better

17. Go to extra teaching if you are offered it

18. Your use of language & how you introduce yourself can dictate if a senior takes to you or not

19. If you see students in the year below struggling, offer to help them - I try and get everyone to take the plunge & attempt their first cannula... 💉

20. Slow cooker food is your friend

21. A walk or a run can sort out most study block

22. Sleep for how many hours you need, not what your pals need/tell you 🌙💤

23. I have a cheeky persona, and most people appreciate it, some not so much, but that's life. Be yourself. 😛

24. You'll meet people who are stuck in their ways/ love a power trip over there most insignificant things. Just brush it off and move on 🙃

25. Your time is NOT expendable just because you are a student. Protect your time.

26. Carry a large bottle with water or juice. It's so easy to get dehydrated on placement, especially if it is busy.

27. If nothing going on in your placement area, use your initiative, excuse yourself and complete some work/study.

28. Your hobbies / other interests are important to you as a person and your career in medicine.